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RUBBER Dilemma

by David West
Ejection Rubber Dilemma by Dave
The History of Monroe Rubber and Plastic

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Rotary Die Ejection Material

Monroe 22300 rotary die ejection material22000 Series
The 22000 Series is made primarily for rotary dies. Because it does not take a compession set on press it can be used at lower than typical heights.

Available in Gray(22300), Red(22500), Blue(22900) and Black(22100).
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Rotary die rubber 12300 recommended for thick substrates12000 Series
The 12000 Series is our premium product for rotary die cutting. It is our NO Crush Solution elastomer.

Available in Gray, Red, Blue, Black, Tan and Orange.
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Super Strip die ejection material for rotary diesSuper Strip
A European, high ejection force product used mainly for slot ejection. Because of the overpowering nature of this product, it should be used very sparingly. It's best to use small pieces or strips so that it doesn't inhibit diecutting in areas of use. Prudent care is needed so as not to overload the press as well. This material also tends to darken in color from exposure to light.

BK-85 die ejection material BK-85
A high density, super-resilient ejector that packs a lot of wallop. Ideal for use on lead edge or slots.

Red Rhino for swift ejection of large scrap areasRed Rhino
Because of its ability to compress at high percentages and still come back to full height, this is an ideal rubber to use in large scrap areas where scrap needs to be ejected swiftly without loading the die with too much tonnage.
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This elastomer is an excellent alternative to using Super Strip in larger scrap areas. The PSI force of this product is lower than Super Strip but higher than Red Rhino.

MR24 rotary die ejection rubberMR24
This product has a durometer and compression/deflection slightly less than Red Rhino and was originally developed to be used on the lead edge of rotary dies. However, it has a wider functional range of motion than Red Rhino and because of that it can fill other requirements as well.