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RUBBER Dilemma

by David West
Ejection Rubber Dilemma by Dave
The History of MRP
The History of Monroe Rubber and Plastic

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Increase production by more than 60%
Waterjet-cut rubber from MRP dramatically improves speed and profits.

We offer Custom Waterjet Cut rubber for your complex jobs. We will layout and cut rubber to perfectly eject the product as well as the scrap areas. A map will be provided for quick and easy application to the die.

For complex dies or to take advantage of the extreme speed of the newest diecutters, try it and we will split the cost with you. At 50% your rubber cost will be far less than if you used rubber pieces out of a box. Try it! You have nothing to lose except profits...that is, if you don't do it.

Die board rubbered with MRP Waterjet-cut rubber
Conventional Rubbering Method
4,000 hits per hour
Waterjet-Cut Rubbering Method
6,500 hits per hour

From 4,000 to 6,500 impressions per hour...

The above photos depict two dies for the same job. The left die was rubbered conventionally. It required 1330 individual pieces of rubber, and untold hours of an experienced diemaker's time.

The die on the right used MRP Custom Waterjet-cut Rubber: Only 491 pieces of convenient adhesive-backed rubber with detailed mapping provided... so detailed that a secretary with no previous experience was able to rubber the die quickly and accurately.

The die on the left ran at only 4,000 hits per hour while the MRP die ran reliably at an astounding 6,500 hits per hour. That's a 62.5% increase in press speed for this job... which also means an equal increase in profit as well. What's more, the MRP die was so balanced from an ejection standpoint that it ran at this speed without nicking the cutting rule.